Hardware Procurement & Laboratory Setup

Since its founding, Silicon Fidelity has prided itself in helping our customers with the best quality measurement products, timely delivery, installation, training and on-going support. We follow a structured approach for successfuly procurement and maintenance of hardware that enable us to offer wuality products to our customers. 

Application of Our Hardware Solutions

Hardware offered by Silicon Fidelity are configured to address your test needs in the following areas:

  • Transistor level measurements including I-V, C-V and Transients
  • Ft, Fmax, Gain, phase
  • ESD, latch up, TLP measurements
A brief summary of our procurement strategy is as follows:
Acquisition: We acquire hardware based from our hardwarepartners or other clients as a direct purchase or trade-in.
Inspection & Testing: We put the previously owned hardware through rigorous testing.
Refurbishment or Repair: Our goal is to offer hardware that is completely functional when procured. We calibrate, perform periodic maintenance to ensure perfect functionality at shipment.
Built-in Quality: We belive quality can not be an after thought. Therefore we offer hardware from vendors that we have long-term relationships with that produce high quality hardware.
Support: We know our customers value the support we offer to ensure continuous up time and functionality after hardware is installed, therefore we offer best in industry, continuous support for the best hardware utilization.