Hardware Strategy

Hardware products we offer are all primarily focused on the R&D phase of technology and product development. We focus on a select set of equipment that we know well through usage in our own internal service organization. This enables us to focus our expertise on high quality hardware that are cost effective and are selected for quality, precision, up time and long service life. This strategy helps our customers to be effecient and productive in their R&D activities.

Hardware Categories

  • Probers
    Through OEM and partnership agreements with major manufacturers such as Micromanipulator, we offer a wide range of probe stations and accessories up to        300mm products. We also may design, manufacture and customize systems tailored to a specific customers' needs. 
  • Analyzers

    Through our own experience in hardware development and use, we have found that the most reliable solutions in each hardware category belongs to one of two companies. In Parameter or Network analysis, Agilent clearly offers the quality, precision and range of products. Other companies such as Tek and Keithley provide uniquely focused products such as curve tracers, switch matrices or single box SMU's that are especially valuable in many applications. 

  • Accessories

    These are glues that tie all the pieces together and makes the product useful. In this category there are numerous items that makes the solution successful. Selection, integration and retrofitting the right accessory is in Silicon Fidelity's unique expertise and experience. We have fine-tuned our offerings with the highest quality accessories suitable for applications. Our offerings include:

- Positioners and manipulators

- Cables and cable management systems

- Vibration isolation solutions

- Shielding boxes

- Cables and cable management products

- Probe cards for single site, multi site, high temperature or ambient probing

- Chillers, thermal units, overns, hot stages

- Vacuum and compressors

- Probe tips

- Microscopes

- Illuminators

- Ovens

  • General Purpose Test Hardware
    • Pulse Generators
    • Power supplies
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Counters
    • Logic Analyzers
    • Electronic Loads