Silicon Fidelity™ is a privately held California, USA company. The company was incorporated in 2003 with a mission to assist Fabless semiconductor companies, research organizations, colleges and universities with their Semiconductor Test and Measurement Requirements. 

Our executive team comprises experience worth over 60 years in the semiconductor field. Through our experience, successful products are characterized with up to date and quality test hardware. Therefore, having the right measurements tools is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Silicon Fidelity's mission is to:

  • Prospect and procure the right hardware tools for the project at hand
  • Recondition and calibrate the tools 
  • Offer high quality test equipment to our end users

And we do it all:

  • Within budget 
  • Without compromise in quality

And offer:

  • Total solutions not bits and pieces

Cascade Alessi REL 6100 System